Friday, June 22, 2018

Experts still disagree over assassins involved in deaths of Romanov family

Last week marked the 95th anniversary of the murder of Nicholas II, Russia's last tsar, but authorities and scholars have yet to determine how many conspirators participated in his assassination.

While experts disagree as to whether there were eight or 11 people involved with the murder of Tsar Nicholas II and his family, it is widely agreed upon that the coup was led by two men: Yakov Yurovsky and Medvedev-Kudrin, Russia Beyond the Headlines reports.

Yurovsky served as the superintendent of the Sverdlovsk region's Ipatyev House, which is where Nicholas II and his family were held captive by the Soviet government. Yurovsky led the shooting squad that ultimately claimed the lives of the Romanov family. Yurovsky later died in a Kremlin hospital from a duodenal ulcer.

Medvedev-Kudrin became the first directorate of the NKVD after reaching the military rank of colonel. Before his death in 1964, he wrote an account of the events leading to the assassination of Tsar Nicholas II, according to Russia Beyond the Headlines.