Monday, June 18, 2018

Innoprom closes after four-day series of international exhibitions

Innoprom, the fourth Ural international industrial fair, closed on Sunday after a four-day series of forums and exhibitions in industry and innovation.

This year's Innoprom centered on the history of technological developments around the world. Innoprom organizers selected the theme as a companion to the theme of Yekaterinburg's bid to host EXPO 2020: "The Global Mind", Russia Behind the Headlines reports.

Russian Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev participated in this year's Innoprom as a panelist at the "Global Strategies" discussion on the first day of the exhibition. During the panel, Medvedev expressed reluctance to model Russia's own economic progress after the "American model."

"We need to see how the existing mechanisms can be updated and have a discussion," Medvedev said, according to Russia Behind the Headlines.

Medvedev also said Russian business development proposals should be an item of discussion during U.S. President Obama's upcoming visit to Moscow.