Saturday, July 21, 2018

Nomos Regiobank, Nomos Bank Siberia complete merger reorganization

Nomos Regiobank and Nomos Bank Siberia, two subsidiaries of Nomos Bank, recently completed a merger reorganization.

As of Monday, the Nomos Regiobank subsidiary began to operate on the basis of Nomos Regiobank, and the business of Nomos Bank Siberia moved to the Novosibirsk branch of Nomos Bank. The two banks' websites were also merged, and all information for both banks will be posted on Nomos Bank's website at

"Linking up was a final process of integration, carried out smoothly to ensure the most convenient environment for customers," Dmitry Romaev, the first deputy president of Nomos Bank, said. "I am confident that our customers and partners will appreciate the benefits from working with the larger single entity created as a result of this reorganization."

The offices of affiliated banks will continue to operate as normal and all customer obligations by the merged banks will be taken on and implemented by Nomos Bank.

All loans, investments, deposits and account balances held by either bank will continue to be fully serviced, and all service conditions to bank cards will remain in force. Customers can continue to work with existing remote-banking systems, and private customers can use the internet and the mobile Nomos-Link.

The Nomos Regiobank branch's new details will be received in the second half of July and will be made available on the Nomos Bank website, the Nomos-Link internet bank and also via a mail-out. Customer account numbers will stay the same.

Likewise, new details for Nomos Bank Siberia will be found on the Nomos Bank website, Nomos-Link internet bank, through a mail-out and also at bank offices.

Previous Nomos Bank Siberia and Nomos Regiobank details will be valid for payment receipts for 180 days.

The merging of the banks will result in more borrowing opportunities for customers. It will also offer Nomos Bank customers access to investment, pension and insurance products, brokerage services and asset management and traditional banking products, due to the integration of Nomos Bank into the structure of Otkritie Financial Corp.