Saturday, July 21, 2018

Katorozhnov, Bobrov appointed as senior vice presidents at Nomos Bank

Nicholas Katorozhnov and Konstantin Bobrov were recently appointed as senior vice presidents of Nomos Bank.

Katorozhnov has worked as the head of the bank's investment unit, which is comprised of the fixed income department, research department and the department of brokerage services and assets management.

Bobrov worked with Victor Tyutin to coordinate the work of the control unit's assets and liabilities. He will oversee the department of financial market operation. Tyutin will continue to work as the bank's treasurer.

Both Katorozhnov and Bobrov retain the current position in the financial corporation's "Opening" program, with Katorozhnov serving as CEO of Opening Capital. He began work with Opening in 2009 after previously working as a trader for the investment company RN Invest, and as a manager of equity portfolios at the UK company Leader.

Bobrov began work with Opening in 2011 as the director of the treasury. He previously worked as the director of operations in the financial markets of Saint Petersburg Bank.

Nomos Bank Group is one of Russia's largest banking groups by assets and is one of the two largest Russian private universal banks, with consolidated assets amounting to $28.09 billion and a net worth of $2.86 billion.