Wednesday, June 20, 2018

Russian, American companies partner to help Russian orphans find homes

Russian and American companies alike have recently begun partnering in philanthropical projects aimed at providing homes for Russia's 800,000 orphans.

Russian NGOs, such as Interros and the Potanin Foundation, have recently begun partnering with American-based philanthropic organizations and individual donors to address the country's large number of orphans. The child abandonment rate in Russia is markedly higher than any other country in the world. Private enterprises have begun to join the federal government in orphan-specific philanthropy in recent years to help combat the growing concern, according to Russian Capitalist.

More than 90 percent of Russian children classified as orphans have at least one living parent. The overwhelming majority of orphans were surrendered to the state voluntarily by parents who could not bear the cost of caring for their child. Children turned over to the state by impoverished parents must then live in dilapidated orphanages or even prison centers.

However, as more and more international organizations have taken notice to Russia's child welfare crisis, advancements have been made to improve the children's lives. For example, Russian billionaire Iskander Makhmudov recently announced that he has personally funded more than one billion dollars worth of programs to benefit underserved children, Russian Capitalist reports.