Tuesday, June 19, 2018

Yandex searches reveal UrFU as popular search

An analysis of Yandex searches revealed that many users are searching for information related to Ural Federal University.

Specialists at Yandex analyzed searches involving Yekaterinburg and identified interesting and unusual topics that people searched about.

Many searches related to issues involving higher education institutions in Yekaterinburg, specifically, information about passing scores for admission. Sample searches include, "a passing grade in Urfa on the budget in 2013," "Mining University Yekaterinburg passing score" and "universities yekaterinburg [sic] passing scores."

The admissions page on the UrFU website was viewed more than one million times between March 1 and June 17. Additionally, 42,500 visitors viewed the section on "admission to the magistracy." This is the second year that applicants have been able to apply online.