Tuesday, July 17, 2018

"Make Politicians Work" advertising campaign wins four Golden Lions

An advertising campaign created by Yekaterinburg street artists won four Golden Lions at this year's Cannes Lions International Creative Awards.

The entry titled "Make the Politicians Work" was created by Yekaterinburg guerrilla marketing and media company Voskhod and was designed to "remind state officials of their responsibilities," according to The Calvert Journal.

The campaign draws the audience's attention to the poor conditions of Yekaterinburg's roads. To create the piece, Voshkod enlisted local street artists to paint the faces of Ural-area government officials around the potholes and filmed the process and subsequent responses with hidden cameras.

When officials became aware that the faces of the Sverdlovsk region's governor and Yekaterinburg's mayor had been painted over potholes, crews were dispatched to paint over the faces, but not fix the potholes. Campaign footage soon went viral, and the artists hit the streets again, tagging the statement "Painting it is not fixing it" next to the potholes, The Calvert Journal reports.

Two months after the project began, almost 10 miles of Yekaterinburg's roads have been fixed.

Voskhod Creative Director Andrey Gubaydullin's political activism through media approach initially began when he launched ura.ru, a website condemning Russia's political leaders for their inattention to pressing civil issues, according to The Calvert Journal.