Wednesday, June 20, 2018

UrFU students participate in Science Slam competition

Students from Ural Federal University recently participated in the Science Slam, which allows individuals to present on scientific subjects using language that makes the material accessible to the general public.

The scientific battle took place at the youth club at Lenina and explored such topics as laser technology, the northern lights and the intersection of electromagnetic fields and the steel industry.

The event gives young scientists the opportunity to present material normally only seen at academic conferences and university seminars, to a larger audience in an informal setting.

Six speakers presented a ten minute presentation on their scientific achievements, using humor and other devices to convey to the audience the main value of the work in an entertaining way. The spectators evaluatde the presentations and decided which provided the most clear and important message. Winners will take part in the German-Russian Science Slam, which will take place in Berlin on Sept. 13.

In Germany, the Science Slam has become a real alternative to the usual symposia and conferences. Many famous scientists have participated in the slams.

The Yekaterinburg battle was organized by the German-Russian Forum, with the support of the Ural Federal University. The project is funded with support from the Federal Ministry of Education and Research of Germany.