Friday, June 22, 2018

Ural Federal University to publish scientific journals on Scopus database

Ural Federal University recently hosted a seminar on how to improve the quality of scientific journals, with a specific focus on criteria that can be met by applying for a passage to the Scopus magazine database.

Olga Kirillova spoke at the event, giving recommendations on how to improve the quality of the existing scientific journals and tips for new participants. Kirillova is an expert consultant on the Scopus database and a member of the advisory board of Elsevier Russia. Representatives of the Institute of Geological Sciences also attended the event, as did members of universities from around the city.

Ural Federal University has plans to develop six scientific journals to the level of the Scopus database. Three such journals already exist - "Analysis and Control," which has been published since 1998, "Issues Onomastiki," published since 2004 and "University Governance: Practice and Analysis," which has been published since 1997.

The three others include "Quaestio Rossisa: Historical-Philological Research," "Chemistry Processes in Chemical Engineering" and "Journal of Computer Science: Theory and Methods."

The editorial boards of the six journals include scientists from the Ural Federal University and reputable foreign experts, as required by the Scopus database, which demands international cooperation.

The magazines will be published in Russian and translated into English.