Saturday, July 21, 2018

Ural Federal University negotiates collective agreement

The Ural Federal University held a conference last week addressing the question of making additions and changes to the collective agreement in respect to the remuneration of employees of the university.

Rector Viktor Koksharov presented the report, saying the conciliation committee, which is composed of representatives of the administration and the trade union committee, had been working on the preparation of both the conference and the changes in the collective agreement.

Article 108 of Federal Law number 273 of 29.12.2012 provides that the salaries of teachers, researchers and educators have to include a number of components, including the old salary, allowances for position, degree, book publishing products and the coefficient reflecting the qualifications of the teacher.

The university administration considered it possible to pay a premium to the basic salary of 10 percent of all faculty and staff from May. In September, the allowance will go down in salary PPP.