Wednesday, June 20, 2018

YIT announces plans to build apartment complex in Verkhnaya Pyshma

European developer YIT announced its plans to construct a new apartment building in Verkhnaya Pyshma as part of its Rifei regional development project.

A residential suburb of Yekaterinburg, Verknaya Pyshma has was selected by YIT last year as the site of a large apartment complex comprised of 248 units. With the first project complete, YIT has drawn plans to construct two additional buildings containing between 150 and 200 apartments near the city's Isetskoye and Baltym lakes.

Currently, YIT owns a 35-acre plot in Verknaya Pyshma, where it will ultimately develop 19 apartment buildings containing more than 2,000 units. When complete, the Rifei project will be home to approximately 4,500 residents.

The multi-unit complex will feature a showroom designed to introduce prospective renters to the energy-saving technologies used in the construction of the residential project. Such technologies include grounded heat pumps, solar panels, LED lights and thermally-insulated windows.