Friday, September 21, 2018

UrFU, Magnitogorsk officials vow to ensure city's student participation

Ural Federal University leadership recently signed a cooperation agreement with Magnitogorsk to ensure the participation of the city's students in competitions and contests held at the university.

The agreement was signed by the UrFU First Rector Anatoly Matern and Alexander Khokhlov, Magnitogorsk's head of education, during an official visit to Yekaterinburg.

Students from Magnitogorsk will take part in competitions in mathematics, programming, computer science, physics, chemistry, social science, economics, literature, advertising and PR. Currently, over 9,000 high school students from Magnitogorsk take part in open competitions at UrFU.

High school students will be able to prepare for the South Urals Olympiad this summer and winter at UrFU. At the end of the month, the university will host a summer school for gifted children and competition winners. Magnitogorsk students from grades nine and ten who have achieved success in the study of physics and math will take part.

Khokhlov said UrFU is like no other in the country in that it offers a high-quality education that gives teachers an adequate infrastructure and all the necessary equipment.

The agreement will also include "open days," in which educational institutions in Magnitogorsk will present exhibitions to the university, and provide teachers and staff with additional training and retraining.

This year, 1,853 high school students will graduate in Magnitogorsk. The university offers 5,842 seats for Magnitogorsk students, as well as a 20 percent discount.