Friday, June 22, 2018

Russian, Western European art expert Ilya Dorochenko speaks at UrFU

Ilya Doronchenko, the dean of the art history department at St. Petersburg's European University and a Western European and Russian art researcher, gave a public lecture on Wednesday to students of arts and cultural studies at Ural Federal University.

Doronchenko lectured on the painting "Death of Marat" by French artist Jacques-Louis David, offering a glimpse into the secret and hidden meanings of the famous work. He also spoke on the ambiguity of the picture, which depicts a dying Jean-Paul Marat, a famous figure in the French Revolution, adding that the painting is both a masterpiece that inspires writers yet also a cynical piece of political propaganda.

Additionally, Doronchenko talked about how Marat's identity and role in history and the revolution are what eventually led him to his death. The lecturer also introduced students to other works by the the artist Jacques-Louis David.