Saturday, June 23, 2018

IK-46 inmates refuse meals in disobedience movement

Approximately 400 inmates began participating in a disobedience movement last week at Nevyansk's IK-46 maximum security penitentiary.

Prison officials became aware of the disobedience movement when hundreds of inmates refused to report to the prison's cafeteria for breakfast on Thursday, according to Russia & India Report.

Inmates first started the movement with allegations that their rights were being violated by prison officials. The conflict escalated when violence broke out between prison guards and the inmate activists. In response to the altercation, some protesters uploaded a video statement to the regional observer commission's website and barricaded themselves inside their units in the facility.

Law enforcement personnel locked down the facility and called in Nevyansk police units as reinforcement to avoid further disruptions. Later in the day, psychologists and prisoner rights activists were sent in to engage the inmates in a discussion regarding their grievances, according to Russia & India Report.

The prison has since said the situation has been pacified and that some activists have once again agreed to take meals.