Saturday, June 23, 2018

UrFU delegation visits Swedish Radiation Safety Authority

Last month, a delegation from Ural Federal University visited the Swedish Radiation Safety Authority--or SSM-- a policy-coordination organization in the field of nuclear energy and security.

Lars Van Dassin, the head of the international relations department met with Rectors Viktor Koksharov, Maxim Khomiakov and Valery Mikhaylenko, the director of international relations.

One of the goals of the partnership was to create a joint master's program dedicated to the idea of non-proliferation of nuclear technology. The creation of interdisciplinary projects was also discussed at the meeting, as were issues of social tension and energy and political issues.

Also, in order to receive funding for the project, the delegation had to present a plan. The meeting allowed them to work out the details of the project, including problems of energy security and, perhaps, nuclear medicine.