Friday, June 22, 2018

Russia, Norway in talks over nuclear warnings

The topic of warning Norway of nuclear accidents has come under scrutiny with the upcoming Barents Summit.

Northern Norway faced a potential nuclear accident 1.5 years ago when the nuclear missile submarine "Yekaterinburg" caught fire in the dry-dock north of Murmansk on Dec. 29, 2011, Barents Observer reports.

The fire on the sub, which was holding nuclear warheads and two nuclear reactors, raised concerns of radioactive leakages.

"We said it at that time, we say it today, and we will repeat it at next occasion; Norway must be informed when such accidents involving nuclear installation happens," State Secretary in the Foreign Ministry Torgeir Larsen said, according to Barents Observer.

Larsen raised the issued this week at a meeting of the Norwegian, Russian Commission on nuclear and radiation safety cooperation in Kirkenes, which borders Russia's Kola Peninsula.

Joint obligations between the two nations are outlined in a 1993 agreement between the two nations, but Russia maintains that military nuclear installations may not be part of the deal, including its military nuclear installations on the Kola Peninsula.

"We don't expect a final agreement to be signed at next week's meeting between the prime ministers, but our clear hope and expectation is to get a top-level signal that the issue will be solved," Larsen said, Barents Observer reports.