Saturday, June 23, 2018

UrFU professors, researchers get pay raises

The head of Ural Federal University approved a salary increase for university teaching staff and researchers earlier this month.

Pay increases are delivered to educators and researchers based on the individual's rating. Each rating point correlates to approximately $0.32, up from $0.22.

Traditionally, merit-based pay increases were given to experienced Ural Federal University staff members who have held their posts for decades. Under the provisions of the May 1 pay raise, 299 teachers aged 35 years and younger will be able to participate in the rating point system.

Additionally, all university faculty will receive a salary bonus totaling approximately 10 percent of his or her annual pay. The bonus was designed to serve as an incentive for better job performance.

"This year we plan to increase the average salary at the university [by] 12.7 percent, and faculty of not less than 14.5 percent," UrFU Rector Viktor Koksharov said. "By 2015, the average salary of the faculty is to exceed the average wage in the Sverdlovsk region of 1.8 times."