Sunday, July 15, 2018

Universiade torch relay passes through UrFU

Ural Federal University hosted on Sunday the Universiade torch relay-- a day devoted to physical activities and recreational sports.

The event began with the lighting of the torch outside of Yekaterinburg's Ural Federal building on Lenin street. The 39 torchbearers had passed the flame over five continents before arriving to UrFU's campus to kick off Universiade. Those who brought the flame to Yekaterinburg had traveled more than 620 miles before arriving at UrFU during their portion of the relay.

Yekaterinburg residents and students of the university spent the rest of the day competing in a variety of recreational sports. Games included sumo wrestling in inflatable suits, an electric scooter relay race and soccer with an over-sized ball.

At the conclusion of Universiade, trophies were given to the competitors and teams who demonstrated the most spirit during the activities.