Friday, July 20, 2018

UrFU holds modern basketball seminar

Ural Federal University hosted a scientific and practical seminar last week on modern basketball, which was organized in coordination with the Russian Basketball Federation, Basketball Federation of Sverdlovsk and All-College Basketball Referees.

The event brought together coaches who teach basketball in the Sverdlovsk region and Urals Federal District. The seminar was conducted by Sergei Fomin, a member of the Technical Commission of FIBA Europe, chairman of the All-Russian College Basketball Referees-or VKBS- an instructor of FIBA Europe and a candidate of pedagogical sciences.

Also involved was Valery Lunichkin, who is an honored trainer for the former USSR and Russia, candidate of pedagogical sciences, a licensed FIBA trainer and a member of the World Association of Basketball.

Nakich Davorin, an instructor for FIBA Europe, and Tadas Stochkus, an honored coach in Lithuania, coach of the national youth teams of Lithuania and coach of the national youth team of the Republic of Belarus, were also involved.

Last week, the participants engaged in practical exercises in the gym and discussed theory. Participants were also able to continue their studies in order to obtain a certificate of professional development.