Friday, June 22, 2018

UrFU to participate in Olympiad academic competition

Ural Federal University will be participating in Olympiad, an academic competition that tests students in Kazakhstan and Tajikistan on mathematics, physics, chemistry and the Russian language.

The competition will allow students from these areas to test their knowledge, get current information on higher education and acquaint them with the university.

Olympiad will be held May 23-24 at Kostanai Socio-Technical University. Participants can register online at the Olympiad website at

Ural Federal University offers many training programs in 400 areas and specialties of higher education, including 130 undergraduate programs, 71 graduate programs and 156 majors in humanities, engineering, natural and social sciences, mathematics and computer science, economics and management. Additionally, the university has high-quality teaching staff with over 4,700 people, including 2,600 with PhD degrees and 600 with doctorates.

Ural Federal University is involved in supporting students who deliver excellent results. This year, the university began issuing monthly stipends to students of engineering and natural sciences training who scored higher than 250 on the exam. There is an opportunity for scholarships in the humanities, as well, where students must score higher than 290 points.

The university will also be building a new modern dormitory this year, with room for 1,000 students, including those from neighboring countries.
Students from Kazakhstan and Tajikistan can submit their documents to the admissions office electronically at