Saturday, June 23, 2018

Russian High-Speed Rail Authority hires Timble Quantm to devise high-speed rail alternatives

The Russian High-Speed Rail Authority has hired Trimble Quantm alignment planning systems to explore alternatives for two high-speed rail lines.

The Russian study will examine the feasibility of two 1,600km high-speed rail lines, the first of which will go from Moscow to Yekaterinburg and the second of which will connect Moscow to Sochi, Ferret reports.

Russia will be using the Trimble Quantm system to find the optimal alignment for the preferred route. It will also support the quantity and cost estimates and reports, as well as aid project planners in the decision-making process.

The Russian High-Speed Rail Authority will be able to rapidly view a wide range of alternatives using the technology, so as to consider the social, environmental and design constraints of the project, to be presented to stakeholders for public consultation this year, according to Ferret.

Trimble's Quantm system offers a holistic approach to creating new infrastructure through the integration of engineering, environmental, social and economic factors into a simultaneous analysis of alternatives for rail and road planning.