Tuesday, June 19, 2018

UrFU pledges nearly $1 million to engineering training

Ural Federal University recently pledged $700,000 to be used in both domestic and international training for engineers.

The school will implement the presidential program for the 2012-2014 school years, as laid out by the Ministry of Education. The education and training will be co-financed by the federal budget by parity and client enterprises. UrFU is the only school in the region participating in the federal program.

The school is in the top five of 260 Russian universities in terms of funding, the number of destinations and the contingent of students. It is a leader among national universities in the number of programs offered to students.

The program is expected to train at least 186 people, half of whom will be trained in Russia and another third of whom wil be trained in the world's leading centers of engineering. Oleg Rebrin, the director of the Graduate School of Engineering at UrFU, said the goal of the program is to identify gaps in education and develop training based on real production problems that impede modernization breakthrough.

UrFU plans to offer nine programs, including energy conservation, energy efficiency and resource conservation in industry; the development, design and testing of high-technology systems for advanced weapons, military and special equipment; modern technologies of optical engineering in medicine; the use of global satellite systems, remote sensing, modern surveying equipment, geoinformation and digital technologies in the management of territories and in the production of topographic and geodetic; methods of obtaining and comprehensive study materials in the nano-structured state; the organization of design and technological preparation of production; programming and commissioning of CNC machines; improvement of professional skill of experts in the field of metallurgy and metalworking; and the innovative processes of metal forming.

More than three dozen companies and organizations will be participating in the program, including NTMK, Uralvagonzavod and Rusal.