Tuesday, June 19, 2018

Street artist Nina Riga paints optical illusion at UrFU

Street artist Nina Riga painted an starry night optical illusion this week on a sidewalk in front of Ural Federal University.

The optical illusion painting was created in anticipation of the Night of Museums set to take place on Saturday. Riga also created another painting in front of the campus' main building of Urfa.

As part of the event, artist Vladimir Seleznev created a light installation called "Innovation," which will be dedicated to the heroes of the famous stories of Yekaterinburg.

An exhibition titled "Micro- and Macro-World" will be held in the Gallery of the Center of Contemporary Culture. The project is a joint venture between the Faculty of Arts and Cultural Studies with Kourovka Astronomical Observatory, Ural Center for Nanotechnology and artist Vera Voinkovoy. The exhibition will combine photographs of endless cosmic spaces and galaxies with microscopic images of wildlife, a theme also seen in Riga's street art.

The Night of Museums will feature a program for children, as well as animation and performances from poets such as Vladimir Grits, Yasha Belotserkovskaya, Alexei Shestakov, Fox Gretel, Irina Sky and Vladislav Solodova.

UrFU also will be hosting the permanent collection of the Bu Kashkina museum dedicated to the legendary character of Yekaterinburg. It will also host the exhibition "Money Smell III," as well as an exhibition of "Bookplates from the Divine Comedy" by Herman Meteleva.