Tuesday, September 18, 2018

UrFU hosts Days of Intel in cooperation with Intel Capital

Ural Federal University hosted the Days of Intel on Monday in cooperation with Intel Capital to educate future professionals on entrepreneurship.

Vladimir Kiyaev, the deputy director of St. Petersburg State University's Institute of Information Technology and head of the Laboratory of System Programming and Information Technology, spoke to future professionals, giving them advice on how to begin a start-up and find investors for projects. He also spoke about strong motivators and the process of creating something new, as well as the dismissal of employment rights and leadership and profitability in the new product.

Kiyaev presented his five principles on how to be a winner at the event, as well. He advised attendees to find potential users of the new product, determine what product is needed, demonstrate that the product holds new value and that it is favorably different from others like it, create the product and show it on the market and increase the level of broad sales to get the push to encourage promotional advancement.

Students also participated in group work in which groups compared the concept of a start-up and a small business to determine the randomness and regularity of the creation of large and subsequently successful innovative projects.

Kiyaev attended the event with representatives of Intel Capital's investment team. The event will continue on Tuesday.