Wednesday, June 20, 2018

UrFU's Orange team to represent university in ACM-ICPC computer programming finals

Ural Federal University's Orange team will go on to represent the university at the ACM-ICPC computer programming world finals in Saint Petersburg later this year after placing 18th in the Ural Open Programming Championship.

Held last week at UrFU's Grand Hall, the Ural Open Championship gathered 73 teams of student programmers from across Russia, China, Poland, Ukraine, Belarus, Lithuania and Kazakhstan to compete in a variety of computer programming scenarios.

During the Ural Open Programming Championship, student teams spent five hours writing programs to solve difficult mathematical problems. As a means of keeping score, officials distributed multi-colored balloons to visually represent the number of problems which remained unsolved by each team.

At the conclusion of the contest, Moscow State University was declared the winner.

The three-day regional contest, which included participants from Asian universities for the first time, began with the Battle of the Giants-- a competition between Russian and Chinese students. The Russian side included students from Moscow State University, St. Petersburg State University, UrFU and the Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology. The Russian nationals proved victorious over the Chinese team with a score of 38 to 35.

Both the Battle of the Giants and the Ural Open Programming Contest were sponsored by leading Russian IT firm SKB Kontur, which has supported the program since it was founded in 1995.