Thursday, July 19, 2018

IT-Planet competition finals hosted in Togliatti

The Russian city of Togliatti hosted the finals of the international student competition IT-Planet 2012/13 last month, with the participation of 88 higher and professional education institutions, as well as 46 regions of the Russian Federation.

The information technology competition was attended by 152 students who passed the preliminary tests in the qualifying stages.

The event lasted three days, during which students took part in competitions, workshops on time management, business games, various thematic workshops and excursions to local attractions.

Eleven contestants participated in the competition's program finals. The participants were asked to solve the problem using the software 1C, SQL, Java and 1C, design and network administration. Participants presented to a jury their mobile application start-up projects, programs designed for free software and solutions in banking software.

Leaders in the IT market, including Oracle, 1C, Cisco, D-Link, the CFT, the GNU/Linukstsentr and international partners competitions FORCE, Linux-center Prometheus and Apps4all, organized and sponsored the event.

Anastasia Nevolina, a student from the Ural State University of Economics, took second place in the competition titled "The Use of 1C: Accounting 8." She will move on to the International Olympiad Finals, which will be held June 1 to June 3 in Kiev at the Kyiv National University of Culture and Arts.

Sergei Shalashny, the chairman of the organizing committee of the International Olympiad IT-Planet competition, said its main task is to raise the level of success amongst students aspiring to achieve in the field of IT. The events are designed to not only provide quality training for students but also to raise their level of motivation.