Friday, June 22, 2018

Hunters discover remains of missing An-2 biplane in Ural Mountains

Two hunters discovered on Saturday the remains of a missing An-2 biplane that took off without permission from a Serov airfield last June.

Eleven bodies were recovered near the marshland crash site in the Ural Mountains of Russia, approximately five miles from the airfield from which the plane departed. Officials report that the plane was badly charred, BBC reports.

Following the plane's disappearance last year, authorities began a four-month search and rescue operation, which spanned roughly 400,000 square miles.

Authorities suspect the pilot had taken the plane to transport 12 of his friends to a fishing trip or sauna visit before it crashed shortly after takeoff. Among the passengers of the unauthorized flight was the chief of Serov's traffic police. While the cause of the crash is still undetermined, officials believe the pilot and his passengers were likely under the influence of alcohol, according to BBC.