Friday, June 22, 2018

Moscow State University takes first place in UrFU's computer programming competition

Moscow State University placed first in Ural Federal University's computer programming competition, which brought together the best student computer programmers from across the world in a three-day competition.

A total of 73 teams competed in the the 17th annual programming competition, which was held for the first time at UrFU.

During the competition, student teams worked for hours creating computer programs to solve complex math problems. Other challenges included creating computer programs to fill arbitrarily assigned shapes with color.

The competition's main event matched all Russian students to face Chinese students in competition. The Russian students were victorious, with a final score of 38-35.

UrFU's team placed 18th in the competition and will go on to represent the university at the World Cup computer programming finals in St. Petersburg.

UrFU hopes to partner with the Sverdlovsk regional government before next year to provide its student programmers with greater training environments to compete in the global World Cup.