Tuesday, June 19, 2018

Russian State Professional, Pedagogical University hosts Morning 2013 at Youth Forum

The Russian State Professional and Pedagogical University recently presented "Morning 2013" before the Youth Forum of the Ural Federal District on Monday.

Russian State Professional and Pedagogical University Rector Eugene Dorozhkin, in his welcoming remarks, said that speaking at the Youth Forum was an opportunity to develop individual skills and abilities of local children.

Information at the meeting was presented to university students and staff about the aims and objectives of the Youth Forum, as well as what educational areas are included in the program, how to enter into the composition of the delegation of the Sverdlovsk region and the opportunities and prospects for the younger generation participating in the Youth Forum.

"The motto of the Forum -Ural-area development-is that by raising the professional level, you expand your prospects and opportunities and will contribute to further economic and social growth of our region and our country," Milyaeva Olga, a spokesman for the organizing committee of the Youth Forum, said.

The Forum also included a number of sporting events, hobby groups and workshops, to which students were invited to attend.