Monday, July 23, 2018

Ural Airlines reports successful year, goals for coming year

Ural Airlines held its annual stockholders meeting last week and reported positive performance last year.

At the meeting, stockholders approved the board of directors, the company's annual reports and financial statements for last year. The meeting also covered profit distribution following the results of the fiscal year and approval of related-party transactions.

Ural Airlines reported a number of positive factors last year that ensured the continued growth of its scope of operations, including an increase in the number of aircraft in its fleet, an expansion of the geography of its flights, an expansion of its sales network and implementation of several programs to enhance aircraft maintenance quality and ensure flight safety.

The airline also pointed to the start-up of a high technology training facility and a highly productive and professional group of personnel as contributing to its growth.

Last year, revenue for Ural Airlines reached 23,101,868 thousand roubles, with a net profit of 145,328 thousand roubles. The airline paid a $3.23 dividend based on last year's fiscal data.

Goals announced at the meeting include increasing the airline's fleet by six European Airbus airplanes and adding a European-level aircraft maintenance shed facility by year's end.