Saturday, June 23, 2018

USUE hosts English-language meeting on modern technology in Russian, U.S. classrooms

An English-language meeting held last week on the use of modern educational technology in Russian and American schools drew Ural State Economic University's top officials.

The university's business club hosted the meeting attended by Phillip Imel, an associate professor of accounting at Northern Virginia Community College, USEU Rector Dmitriy Bugrov, the U.S. vice consul and representatives from the pedagogy panel at high school No. 99.

The program served as a collaboration forum for the panel, which previously participated in an October roundtable on marketing management and a Russian-American Festival of "American Challenge."

Organizers set out to create a platform for exchanging experiences with modern education technology in schools and universities across Russia and the U.S. The event gave educators the opportunity to share various modern approaches to education.

The club discussed such issues as interactive educational technology, students' design work and joint education programs of secondary and higher educational institutes in Russia and the U.S.

The head and deputy of the USUE Department of Business Foreign Language Eugene E. Schill was active in the discussions, in addition to the heads of the USUE Department for the Coordination of Youth Programs,Ivan Vozmilov and Anton Gutsal.

French student Gabriel Lazhea, first year students and students from high school No.99 also participated in the discussion. Tatiana Olszewski, the director of studies in foreign languages, attended as well.

The discussion involved not only uses of modern technology but also included plans for the future, particularly through the use of lessons on "technical translation," in which students will translate articles from the USUE website.

Additionally, teachers discussed the communication between students and foreign delegations coming to the Eurasian Economic Youth Forum.

The meeting concluded with meeting head Sergey Rogozhin suggesting the idea of cooperating with the university and high school No. 99 to connect to other schools in the fields of business and linguistics.