Saturday, July 21, 2018

UrFU Innovations Vice-Rector Sergei Kortov invites scholars, officials to discuss regional innovation

Sergei Kortov, the vice-rector for innovations at Ural Federal University, recently invited scholars, officials and entrepreneurs to discuss innovation in the region.

During his speech at the annual meeting of the Sverdlovsk Regional Union of Industrialists and Entrepreneurs, Kortov referenced statistics from 2010 showing a surge of innovation in the Sverdlovsk region's economic development. At that time, the region had outperformed the rest of Russia in terms of innovation-active industrial enterprises and innovative production in export turnover.

By 2020, experts expect Sverdlovsk regional industrial production to nearly triple, especially in the region's key sectors of metallurgy, heavy engineering and power engineering.

Despite promising growth potential, Kortov said industry in the Sverdlovsk region is out-of-date. Current global trends have heralded substantial growth in such high-tech sectors as microelectronics, telecommunications, small-tonnage chemistry, bio- and nano-technologies, new medicine and environmental management.

In his appeal to industry leaders and academics, Kortov hopes to develop a modern and cutting-edge industrial plan for the Sverdlovsk region that synthesizes the region's existing industry with advanced technology. One possibility for such synthesis includes additive manufacturing technologies.

Kortov said that, in order to identify areas of potential growth and innovation development in the region, communication between businesses, authorities and science must be improved.