Monday, June 18, 2018

Court rejects Yandex lawsuit against Yevgeny Balabanov over Punto Switcher app

A lawsuit filed by Yandex with the intention of preventing Yevgeny Balabanov from distributing the Punto Switcher app owned by the company was recently rejected by the Sverdlovsk Regional Commercial Court.

Balabanov is a businessman who owns the website, which distributed an amended version of a program Yandex has exclusive rights to, RAPSI reports.

In the lawsuit, Yandex also sought $31,700 in compensation from Balabanov. The software was not the original version as developed by Yandex but also included alternative elements such as the program.

The court suspended the proceedings in January, granting the plaintiff's request to order an expert appraisal, because the study and evaluation of the case details require professional expertise that the court did not have, according to RAPSI.

The court had earlier attracted as the third party to the case.

Additionally, Yandex also urged the court to prohibit Balabanov from handing over the domain to third persons, a wish the court granted in October, RAPSI reports.

Yandex is the owner of Russia's largest search engine. The search engine accounts for 62 percent of the market and netted the company a US GAAP net income of $260.43 million last year, an increase of 42 percent from the year before. The company's revenue totaled $911.2 million last year.