Monday, June 18, 2018

Singer/songwriter Annalena Bludau to perform on Urals tour

Beginning May 12, North German singer, songwriter and guitarist Annalena Bludau will be performing at various venues throughout Yekaterinburg.

Bludau's music is greatly influenced by traditional folk stylings, with light and poetic lyrics which often evoke a feeling of melancholy. Her tour of Yekaterinburg and surrounding Russian cities comes at the conclusion of her longer European tour where she performed with American singer and songwriter Ben Waiver.

While touring the Urals, Bludau plans to play songs from her first three albums, as well as selections from her album "In the Black/Two Spirit II" released last April.

Bludau begins her Yekaterinburg tour on May 12 with a concert at Press House, followed by a performance at the German youth culture and arts festival "JugendMusikFestival" on May 17.

On May 18, she will appear at Four Rooms. Bludau concludes her Yekaterinburg tour on May 19 with a performance at New Bar.