Wednesday, June 20, 2018

Russian President Putin's international relations council launches all-Russian journalistic competition

The Council on International Relations of the President of the Russian Federation launched the first all-Russian competition of scientific and journalistic works, "We-the multinational people of Russia," this month.

The goal of the contest is to strengthen the unity of the multinational people of Russia. It is also intended to strengthen patriotism, honor and dignity of Russian citizens, develop the cultural understanding and tolerance among nations and peoples of our country, combat xenophobia and fight against the counterfeiting of national history and common cultural and spiritual heritage of the peoples of Russia.

The journal will accept submissions through Sept. 10. The contest will award winners and laureates on Nov. 4 at the State Kremlin Palace in a concert dedicated to the celebration of National Unity Day.

Two first prize winners will receive $9,470, three second prize winners will receive $6,310 and five third prize winners will receive $3,160.