Friday, July 20, 2018

Ski slope brings in spring with "snow surfing" event

Snow and extreme sports enthusiasts will close out the winter sports season in a big way at the Uktus ski resort.

On April 20, the slope will be overrun with water, allowing snowboarders to surf down the slope.

Riders will also be encouraged to make the descent in bathing suits and shorts and there will be contests and music from SnowFamilyBeats.

The Uktus sports center lies on 424 hectares of century pines. Visitors to the resort can use four ski slopes of different difficulties. The track is 400-750 meters long with an elevation rising from 54 to 100 meters. The resort also offers a snow park, wellness service, cafe and parking. The park also offer paintball, tennis, horseback riding and a relaxing gazebo.