Wednesday, September 19, 2018

Eighth Russian Open International Anthropological Film Festival to be held April 15 to April 20

Ural Federal University and Yekaterinburg Cinema House will host the Eighth Russian Open International Anthropological Film Festival from April 15 to April 20.

Organized by the university's Institute of History and Archeology, the festival brings together directors, scholars, creative intellectuals, religious and ethnic leaders, broadcast personalities and students of films with anthropological focuses.

Anthropological films discuss cultures, nations and religions, as well as ephemeral ideas such as "us" and "outsider." The films are a combination of scientific knowledge and cinema.

During the festival, participants will have the opportunity to watch and discuss films from across the globe, including submissions from the U.S., Kenya, China, India, Azerbaijan, Armenia, Belarus, Holland, Indonesia, Serbia, Ukraine, Italy, Norway and France.

The event features a contest of international films, a student film festival, as well as several forums and exhibitions pertaining to anthropological films. The festival will also include discussion of presented works, open lectures delivered by experts and press-clubs.