Wednesday, June 20, 2018

German and Russian artists collaborate on contemporary theater project

The cities of Chelyabinsk and South Ural will be premiering a Russian-German theater project titled "Expedition Ural" from April 8 through April 17 as part of the Year of Germany in Russia.

The project, a "cultural dialogue about what was, what is and what will be," is supported by the German Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Goethe Institute and the Robert Bosch Foundation.

The Ensemble Music Theater will be coming to the South Urals from Berlin. Chelyabinsk will also be providing ensemble members, including actors and Chamber Theater Director Oleg Khapov. The German and Russian artists will work together for 10 days, visiting several cities in the region, including Kopeysk, where many German families still live, and Magnitogorsk, the location of a former camp for German prisoners of war. They will also visit SATCOM, the location of a German-built hydropower plant.

The artists will use their experiences in these cities to create contemporary theater. They will meet and talk with locals to collect acoustic, musical, linguistic and visual material for their performance, and the artists will present their project on April 17 at the Chamber Theatre.

A special performance was also held on April 8, when the artists presented to each other and the audience their individual works before moving on to the collaborative project.