Monday, January 22, 2018

Yekaterinburg residents without heat, water in flooded neighborhood

Approximately one hundred citizens of Yekaterinburg are without water, central heating and basic sanitation services after melting snow resulted in flooding in part of the city.

A drainage channel that runs along the railroad on the edge of the city has begun to collect debris, resulting in poor water drainage and flooding in the area. Residents maintain that regional utilities should be responsible for clearing out the debris, but some residents said the problem is "three houses" too small, referring to only three houses affected by the flooding, Oblastnaya Gazeta reports.

The area playgrounds have been flooded, water has leaked into sheds stocked with the residents' firewood, and sewage has spilled out onto the street. The flooding has also made it impossible for postmen to reach homes to deliver mail, and many residents have to walk some distance to acquire drinking water and water for food preparation.

"I've lived here for 45 years, every year we flood," Galina Slizskoy, a resident and building owner said, according to Oblastnaya Gazeta. "I am lucky, I live on the second floor...But the first floor-always wet."

The administration of the Kirov district said that the problem of flooding could be solved by cleaning the drainage ditch, though it remains unclear whether the city government is responsible for doing so.

Peak flooding is set to begin in the Middle Urals in approximately one week. Alexander Serebrianski, the chief of the Ural Department for Hydrometerology, said that residents can expect an increase in the average water level of rivers after warmer weather arrives later this month, Oblastnaya Gazeta reports.