Wednesday, June 20, 2018

Fighting continues outside of Yekaterinburg's NRG-Sport gym

Violent fighting between the owners of Yekaterinburg's NRG-Sport gym, its members and creditors seeking to repossess the property continued for the second day on Thursday.

Yekaterinburg police were dispatched on Thursday morning to NRG-Sport gym to address a violent conflict between disgruntled gym members and officials seeking to repossess the gym, reports.

In June, the owners of NRG-Sport signed a lease for a retail space located across the street from the Sverdlovsk regional prosecutor's office. After three weeks of operation, the gym's owners underwent bankruptcy proceedings in connection with a separate business, and the gym was handed over to creditors, resulting in the owners' subsequent eviction from the building by an arbitration court.

The owners said the court's ruling was unjust and made repeated attempts to re-occupy the facility. After a few days of unlawfully accessing the property, police padlocked the gym's doors, according to

NRG-Sport's owners claim they have legal access to the facility because an official document of the eviction ruling was never produced.

Since November, officials have tried various methods to prevent the gym's owners from occupying the facility. The owners, many of whom paid membership dues a year in advance, became violent when their attempts to access the facility were hampered. Despite the authorities' best efforts, the gym continued to operate for several months, reports.

On Wednesday, clients' outrage escalated to violence when creditors entered the gym with cameras and recorded gym members using the facility, including nude women in the showers. The gym's owners contacted a private security force and attempted to forcibly remove the creditors from the premises. Yekaterinburg police were dispatched, and they removed the gym's members from the situation.