Wednesday, June 20, 2018

Two more companies join UrFU's Skolkovo project

Limited liability enterprises Spectre and Geomera have been approved to join Ural Federal University's Skolkovo project.

Spectre, which will join the university's nuclear technologies cluster, was established in partnership with famed aerospace company RSC of Automatics. It was added to UrFU's Skolkovo project due to its development of a high-performing compact precision instrument that analyzes substances as it controls the quality of food materials.

The operation of Spectre's instrument was based on research results in the the realm of electron paramagnetic resonance, conducted by UrFU physicists. A working prototype of the instrument is scheduled for presentation at Innoprom 2013.

In joining UrFU's information technology cluster, Geomera will continue developing software and algorithms for signals received from optical instruments. Geomera's work seeks to modernize of existing systems which utilize laser triangulation sensors in order to measure the geometry of nearby objects.

Geomera's work received national attention in March by winning the "Technostart: Ural" competition hosted by the university. The company's work will also be exhibited at Innoprom 2013.

Ural Federal University's Skolkovo project currently hosts 26 participating enterprises throughout its facilities in Yekaterinburg and the greater Sverdlovsk region. Project organizers routinely hold information seminars for parties interested in joining the project, which is open to all Ural universities, research and development organizations and venture enterprises.