Wednesday, September 19, 2018

Champion climber Sergey Sinitsyn hosts master class

Sergey Sinitsyn, the 2013 World Champion climber, held a master class at the Ural State Economic University on April 6 for students of rock climbing who were visiting from the United States.

The event was part of the "American Dream in USUE 2" event. Sinitsyn offered a practical demonstration of several techniques, working with the guests for an hour.

The European Climbing Cup will be held in Yekaterinburg from May 16-20. The competition will be held at the Ural State University of Economics, which has one of the largest and most modern climbing walls in the Ural Federal District.

The Eurasian Economic Youth Forum gathers representatives from 110 countries and 65 Russian regions, as well as 40 international youth organizers, movements and associations. Under the auspices of the International Federation of Sport Climbing, the event hosts more than 150 climbers from Russia and around the world. The event is also supported by the Ministry of Sport Climbing Federation of Russia.

The event will draw such champions as World Cup 2012's Stanislav Kokorin and Alina Gaydamakin, as well as world record holder Evgeny Vaytsehovsky and three-time world champion Dmitry Sharafutdinov.