Saturday, June 23, 2018

Population growth in Yekaterinburg leads regional statistics

The population in Yekaterinburg has slowly begun to grow ahead of averages for other cities in the region in recent years.

Births in the city numbered 3,208 throughout January and February. Meanwhile, 2,783 deaths were reported during the same period, marking an increase of 425 people, according to

By contrast, deaths in the Sverdlovsk region totaled 10,629 in the first two months of the year. The region reported 10,003 births during the period, a difference of 629 people.

Mortality rates in the Sverdlovsk region increased by four percent over the same two month period in 2012, a rate that is 2.4 percent higher than the Russian national average. The Yekaterinburg mortality rate, however, falls 0.1 percent below the national average and 2.5 percent lower than the regional average, reports.