Wednesday, September 19, 2018

World Skills Russia competition begins in Yekaterinburg

April 4 marked the first day of World Skills Russia, a competition for trade school students in the Sverdlovsk region, at the Urals State University of Economics.

The competition began with an opening ceremony by University President Mikhail Fedorov, who praised the competitors for their hard work and noted the importance of skilled tradesman to the future of the Russian economy.

Students from the region will showcase their proficiency in the fields of web design, culinary arts, computer systems administration, carpentry, tiling and hairdressing. Winners from each category will go on to compete in the all-Russian competition and, if successful in the national event, may have the opportunity to demonstrate their skills at the World Skills international competition.

This is the first year Russia is competing in the World Skills program. National officials, including President Vladimir Putin, have contributed their encouragement for future Russian participation.

"We will do our best to maintain and increase the number of participants," Sverdlovsk Deputy Minister of Education Alexey Pakhomov said.