Sunday, June 24, 2018

Magazine names region's top 100 businessmen

One hundred of the "most influential businessmen" in the region have been listed by Business District magazine.

The magazine compiled portraits, dossiers and analytical notes on some of the region's most elite representatives.

The recipients of the Golden 100 award are businessmen who have been recognized by their colleagues as leaders. The businessmen represent non-profit organizations and were initiators of bright, significant social projects. Others listed took part in politics, playing a notable role in regional life.

The awards included businesspeople from seven of the biggest regional industries, including industry and manufacturing, IT and telecom, transport, retail, construction and development, and finances.

Some of the winners highlighted include USUE graduates Solovyev Andrey, the president of the Ural Bank of Reconstruction and Development, Puhov Vladimir, the head of SKB-Bank, and Zavodovskii Igor, the co-founder of the "Malysheva 73 Society."