Thursday, June 21, 2018

Yakov Silin hopes EXPO 2020 will bring improvements to city and region

Yakov Silin, the curator of the EXPO 2020 proposal "Capital," has hopes that a world exhibition in Yekaterinburg could restore parks, squares and boulevards.

With the program using a significant amount of funds from the Yekaterinburg city budget, some are wondering how the funds will go toward helping Yekaterinburg and the surrounding cities and villages, reports.

Silin said that with an increase in income, the tax base for the city is growing, meaning that there will be multiplying benefits for the entire region.

The funds will be allocated in stages, Silin said, going toward specific infrastructure and housing and communal services. Authorities and the public will have a say in how the funds are used.

The city will use $110 million in 2013 to send to 11 major facilities for transport and engineering infrastructure. Three dozen community centers will also be improved.

Silin said that the title, "Capital," is a symbolic name for the program. The level of funding for the Sverdlovsk region is part of two regional target programs, one for the development of a transport complex in Sverdlovsk region for 2011-2016. Another is a comprehensive program for the development and modernization of utilities for 2012-2016. This means that funding from the budget will go not only to Yekaterinburg but to other municipalities, as well, reports.

Officials said that the exposition in Yekaterinburg would help the entire region and address issues that are currently of concern in the city - the quality of the road network, clean streets and courtyards, the state of public buildings and public spaces, and the degree of wear of utilities.

Silin said that Yekaterinburg has a lot of potential, as evidenced by the federal government supporting Yekaterinburg as a host city for major events.

The city hopes to improve its architectural appearance and its environmental situation. There are plans to restore parks, squares, boulevards, fountains and update the Iset embankment and solve the problem of waste recycling. The city hopes to provide jobs and expand opportunities for culture, science, education and regulation of public transport, reports.