Monday, June 18, 2018

Sverdlovsk trade students to participate in WorldSkill International contest

Student carpenters and tilers in the Sverdlovsk region are set to compete in the first-ever National Championship of Russia competition as part of the WorldSkills International program.

The best students in their trade will join the Russian national team in the WorldSkills International global competition in Leipzig, Germany.

The Sverdlovsk regional contest will occur April 4 and was made possible through a collaboration between the Ministry of Education, the Great Eurasian University Complex and the Ural State Economic University. The contest is open to any student aged 18 to 23 currently enrolled in any of the Sverdlovsk region's technical schools.

In addition to carpentry and tiling, students may also compete in the web design, system administration, culinary and hairdressing categories.

Professionals in each of the categories will judge the student competitors. Among those on this year's judging panels are Culinary Association of Russia President Viktor Velyaev and Titan Soft Web Programming Creative Director Peter Kostyukov.

Russia was officially accepted as a member of the WorldSkills International organization in May and has not been able to send competitors to the global competition until this year.

The world championship will be held in July and is expected to host more than 1,500 competitors.