Monday, June 18, 2018

Yekaterinburg residents celebrate Bird Day with flash mob

Yekaterinburg residents recently celebrated the International Day of BIrds with a flash mob at the Tatischev and de Gennin monuments.

Approximately 100 people danced to celebrate the arrival of the spring season. At the conclusion of the dancing, 50 pigeons were released into the air. Each pigeon had a small note attached to its foot with messages calling for no more snow, Mir66 reports.

"In April the birds return from warm to Yekaterinburg. We decided to meet them and to remind people of the city [to] be careful with the wildlife," the event's organizers said, according to Mir66.

International Bird Day is celebrated on April 1 each year. Originally started in the late 19th century, residents lost interest in Bird Day throughout most of the 20th century until its revival by the Russian Bird Conservation Union in 1999. Since then, Bird Day is celebrated across Russia as a reminder to care for bird welfare.