Saturday, July 21, 2018

Sverdlovsk regional governor promises quality EXPO 2020 hosting

During a recent interview, Sverdlovsk Regional Governor Evgeny Kuivashev declared that Yekaterinburg will be an excellent host for the upcoming EXPO 2020 should it be selected for the task.

The Russian government is willing to invest $2 billion into infrastructural projects throughout the Sverdlovsk region in preparation for the event. EXPO 2020 is likely to draw more money from private investors for the construction of EXPO facilities, according to the Voice of Russia.

Kuivashev said that Yekaterinburg has allocated approximately 1,400 acres for the EXPO site, enough to house hundreds of event pavilions, hotels, concert halls and a giant centralized entertainment center.

The International Bureau of World Expositions is expected to announce EXPO 2020's host later this year. Aside from Yekaterinburg, the cities of Sao Paolo, Brazil; Dubai, United Arab Emirates; Izmir, Turkey and Ayutthaya, Thailand are currently under consideration for hosting duties, according to the Voice of Russia.