Sunday, June 17, 2018

Hermitage to open branch in Yekaterinburg

Yekaterinburg will soon be home to a subsidiary of the St. Petersburg State Hermitage Museum, according to the regional Culture Minister Pavel Krekov.

"This decision resulted from Russian Minister for Culture Vladimir Medinsky's visit to Yekaterinburg. The plans to introduce a subsidiary in the Urals' capital were also supported by Governor of Sverdlovsk Region Evgeny Kuivashev," Krekov said, Ural Business Consulting reports. "In addition to Yekaterinburg, the Hermitage subsidiaries will only be created in very few Russian cities, including Moscow."

Krekov said that the project would be developed by the regional authorities and Russia's Ministry for Culture.

The Hermitage Museum has more than three million pieces of artwork representing the times and people and essence of world culture. It has a collection of treasures from the paleolithic era to the contemporary and captures the histories of civilizations through its collection of historic artifacts, according to Ural Business Consulting.